Monday Blog: A return

I promised myself that at the beginning of the New Year I was going to be better at a lot of things.  I was going to go to the Gym more often.  I was going to be more focused on blogging and the like.  Much of this hasn’t happened but one step at a time.  I am going to gym more than not going at all but here it is.  A return to writing freely.  So where am I since we last spoke?

My con schedule has gotten more meatier.  As we do more of these we are making friends and expanding.  I started with four then went to twelve and now I don’t know how many we have in 2016.  I can only hope it keeps going up.

The second book is out and I’m rounding the end on book threes draft.  I should get used to calling them something but I don’t.  I just can’t think of them in that way.

I started working on another project.  Its not inside the realm of the Department of the Arcane.  In fact its something new.  I suspect it’ll be a one shot but it needs to be written.  Its my duty to do so.  When I started writing the department of the Arcane, I was somewhat lost.  Hal and I were coming out of extreme poverty and at a point where we were limping along.  I was just then starting to understand my mental health problems.  Then my mother died which became the ghost hanging over book two.  Book three is, as he calls it, my Empire.  I just want to transition to a place where things will change and that’s fine.  I’m still in that weird mental space though.  That’s what I want to get out of with Ghosts.  Will I succeed?  Probably not.

I suppose I could write about the passing of both David Bowie and Alan Rickman but many already have.  Personally, I was effected by Bowie’s passing because he was so important to my development as a writer.  I often feel like Christian Bale in Velvet Goldmine and the discovery of life.  Bowie was a weird guy.  I was a weird girl. That’s what I learned.

There we are.

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