Monday Blog 4/20/15

What a week.  We’re getting into the preparation before we go off to convention.  Its always nerve racking to me because I’m never really prepared for cons.  We’ve hit a couple that we didn’t expect to an that threw us for a loop but we’re going to try to keep going.  We’re pretty excited to be hitting RavenCon.  Richmond is oddly far away but still it feels like a hometown con and we’re very excited to be there.  For starters its the first time we’ll be in a designated Author’s Alley which is something new for me.  We’ve always been in dealers rooms or artist’s alleys and now we’ll be with other authors.  I know a couple of the ones that’ll be there and that seems fun.  Hal tells me that one of these bad boys will make my career.  I don’t know.  I’m still not completely sure of myself when it comes to these things.

Book two is still being edited which feels like a broken record but I trust evil  Bekkah to her job because that’s what she does well.  It’ll be out when its out.  As of now I still have book three and Ghosts on deck. i know eventually I’ll give up and probably just work on one.  I’ve tried this before but Hal is a fan and so I’ll keep on keep on.

I realize that I said last week in my tweet that the Drive By Trucker’s saved my life and truthfully, they did.  I started writing Spring when we were still poor.  It was something that I reflected on  Sunday.  Hal and I served as representatives to our church council.  In that meeting they talked about service missions to the poor in Haiti and Sudan.  It surprised me to hear a bunch of over 40 white people talk about the brown people who needed to be saved.  It hurts my feelings to hear people talk like that.  I know none of them know what it is like to be poor in America.  If you want to know what its like to be poor in America just look at my face and the thin scars that are on my face.  I was beaten up during a job I hated an couldn’t quit because my husband had a hard time finding a job.  You really can’t talk about poverty until you understand what its like choose between food and shelter and heat.  Anyway, getting back to the Drive By Truckers.  I had fallen in love with them when My Sweet Annette was packaged with a lap top.  It was lovely.  But what I learned was how to tell a story.  There are perfect stories being told in these songs and they just hit me at the right time.  What I foun as the most helpful piece was That Man I Shot.  I say this because this song came from an explanation in the liner notes from Patterson Hood.  He says that he might not agree with the chacater but the goal is tell the story as truthfully as possible to the character.  I think of that everytime I write a villian.  it makes my life so much easier.  But yes with out that I wouldn’t have known how to write and I’m not I would survive through a time I wanted to die.  Writing was the only thing that kept me going through a time when I struggled.

Thank you, Drive By Truckers and Patterson Hood for giving me hope in a time when I had none.

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