Monday Blog 4/13/15

I am terrible at this.  Part of it is just forget to do this but still much more important things are going on.  I’ve been working hard to get us ready for Raven Con which is in two weeks.  In addition to that I’ve been behind when it has come to my school work which is most irritating to me in ways I can’t understand  So I’m one with that an we’re starting to get back on track.

I’m still writing a little bit as we march towards.  I’m not sure if I mentioned this here or not but I am still working on book three while book two is with the editor who is fantastic as always.  She’s better than I expected but we’re marching towards the end of this novel quicker which means I need to turn it around on the other works.  What I’ve also started doing is working off and on with something else.  Years ago, I created a character who has changed so much from his orginial shell that I hate it.  As I look at some of that early stuff there is still a lot that I can scrape away.  Really Hal tells me that he really likes it.  What will come of it, I honestly don’t know nor to I care.  Sometimes I just need a break from Gaiman Heights and yet there is no possible way that I can get away from it.  I’ve tried and really it all come back to Gaiman Heights.

Because of Ghosts of Old Hollywood, I’m dusting off some old play lists.  In this mix is Drive By Truckers’ Brighter that Creation’s Dark.  Its something that I associate with the bad times but not in a bad way.  I love certain albums and they stay with me forever.  Paul Simon’s Graceland is my childhood.  I’ve said it before there are songs on there I didn’t realize were the way until I was an adult because my mother would sing along with the songs.  She perfectly matched Linda Ronstadt in “Under African Skies” perfectly.  Creation’s was an album that I got right when I was starting to take my writing seriously.  It hit me because there was a songs were fiercely important for me.  As I started to go through the old music from old projects, I reconnected with Ghost to Most.

It strikes me as a song that should be playing at the end of things.  In fact it was the song on in my car when I was driving away from sickness, depression and bone crushing poverty.  Its a song with quiet reflectiion to it that makes me think off a calm ending.

In my head, I have an image of Karl sitting somewhere playing the part of Mike Cooley who I have long associated with Karl.  He’s a weird looking guy with a thick southern accent.  He looks like a good old boy.  Something about him gets combined with my uncles who have odd sounding accents that aren’t quite East Tennessee and not quite Indiana but somewhere between.  Asher is there singing the back up.  This album stirs allot up for me but no of it sad.  I’ve been thinking about the life I left behind in West Virginia.  All I can do it feel shame and guilt for those days.  Somehow the DBTs made it all easier.

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