Monday Blog 3/23/15

Welp, here we are again on a Monday doing a blog report. How has everyone been?  I’m hoping things were good for you as they were for me.

We start Spring which makes my day.  Part of Spring is that we celebrate my mother’s life.  This year we dedicated the cross in front of church to her.  We are in the middle of a neighborhood of nothing but brick houses so the church looks like a house so a giant a cross helps people know that its a church.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  When does the pain go away?  I feel like a traumatized by the death of my mother and I hate that it keeps bleeding over into other aspects of my life.  I just want to know when does the bleeding stop and I can keep moving in on and just have a cool scar.

The notion of scars is something I’m a little obsessed with either from self injury or otherwise.  It’s a more prevalent to me because I did just get a new tattoo but that’s me.  On a similar of that is that someone dug up a picture from my junior year of high school.  Its a trip from Washington, DC and one I did for Marching Band.  Its a group picture and as I stared at it, it was hard.  its not that I hate how I look back then or anything to that effect.  As its been pointed out to me, I don’t really change much.  A picture from fifteen years ago looks as much like me today as anything else.  I hate the person I was back then.  I should be greatful that person existed but I don’t like the person i am now so its hard to say that.

Book two is going as well as can be hoped.  I format after each edit so its really going to mean I can send it off when its ready for copy right and for production.

Book three is slow as dog as convinced me that he is more important.  However Hal and I will be out of town this week and hopefully I can get some work done on vacation.  We’ll be ending our vacation with Myrtle Beach Comic Con.

That’s about it for now.  See ya next week.

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