Monday Blog 3/16/15

Man I hope everyone enjoyed the ultimate Pi day.  Hal called his mother who teaches math to wish her a happy one.  It seems silly but its soetihng that we should all do.  And then we have St. Patrick’s Day which we are going to not celebrate.  I will be in class and quite frankly not able to do so.

Hal and I are very excited about our vacation which we will be taking next week.  He and I will be going to Myrtle Beach for a week and then we’ll be going to be at Myrtle Beach Comic Con.  I’m so excited about 2015 and all the things that we are doing to be apart of it. So we are going to be at a con at the end of this month.  Then we’re going to be in Richmond next month.  Altoona in May and the we’re going to be in DC and Asheville and the like.  Our schedule is going to be busy but I’m so excited.  I get a little overwhelmed but this is the year that will make my career or it’ll break it.

Hal and I saw Birdman last week.  If you haven’t it is a wonderful film.  Its a little weird but it is amazing.  Afterwards he told me that I needed to do Ghosts of Old Hollywood.  It was a story that I had started working on when I was doing RP.  I don’t excatly know where I’m going with the story but I need to get it out so its working for me.  I’ve got that and book three.

Good things are around the corner.  I know it.

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