Monday Blog 3/9/15

I wasn’t going to do one.  After sometime I have started working on book three again.  it happens.  I get tired and run down and I hate my work but I have some clear ideas of some of the characters I want in book three and its time to put some of them in places for their own good.  I miss the character of Alexei and Damien and Alexis.  They were carry overs from the old days and they were fun people to write for.  I just sort of wanted to give them new life.  This means nothing about them being anywhere else if the original project returns.

I had a great weekend.  As some of you may know, I applied for Imaginarium in Louisville, KY.  It was a long shot in my mind so I didn’t expect to hear anything back.  After all who am I?  I’m a girl from poduck VA with a novel under my belt and a head full of dreams and we are accepted there.  As it turns out it has also added three two other cons.  One of them is in August in Louisville.  The other is in New Orleans.  I’m literally very excited about getting to add new cons.  Its like things are starting to really come together.  Its sort of funny to me that my first con was in Johnson City, TN and my strength of career is coming from Louisville.  I wish mom would be a little less subtle.  I just need one in Indiana to get the trifecta.

As for the book its going as well as it could.  Nope that’s it.

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