Monay Blog 2/2/2015

Its been almost two months since my last blog and that makes me feel pretty terrible. Still I’m here and I’m back.  So lets update just a little bit.

1. Book Two is at the Editor as we speak.  I have often loved that I have a grammar mancer and she’s willing to put up with my writing which is always complex and difficult.  She is working through that an I’m hoping we can have this bad boy released by the summer.

2. Our tour schedule had been just about booked.  I know that June is going to be very busy because we have been approved for DC Capital Con as well as our old favorite which is Geek Out! in Asheville.  I started my tour there last year and quite frankly am pleased that they wanted us back.

3. Our World Con-quest tour stars at the end of the month at ETSUCon.  Its a semi-big deal since I’ve always felt like East Tennessee is partly my home.  Its my hometown con.  We’ll be taking some time off until we get to April for RavenCon.

Well that’s out of the way?  Who saw the Super Bowl?  I don’t know what I hate Tom Brady but it wasn’t a bad game.   I was more intrested in it because of the bet between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt.  I love it that guys who play awesome characters are really cool guys.  But one of the things that got me is the commercials. I had heard rumors of Batman vs. Superman was dropping  trailer and that just didn’t happen for me.  That’s frustrating for me.  I’m not sure how I feel about this movie.  I have become a fan of Batfleck since seeing Argo.  Maybe it was because my mother loved that movie and it was one of the last movies I saw with her but I think he’ll be amazing at Batman.  It just seems like there is a lot going on. But the commercial that really got me was the always ad.  For those of you who didn’t see it….here it is.

Lets for go the irony of it being during the Super Bowl which is often geared towards men.  I know that there were women who watched the game voluntarily.  I’ve read the YouTube comments and lets just not go there.  I also read statements on my Facebook page from friends of mine.  I might have been dismissive about it too and then I thought about it.  Your society is ingrained with masculine and feminine and its always been the case.  Roles are pretty accurately both male and female and quite frankly we need to think about what we say.  Its like the phrase “retarded” I’m not fond of that one either know.  I think that something like this regardless who it was aimed at is a wonderful thing especially during the male driven super bowl.  Both side needs of the gender line need to be aware of words and how we use them.  Should I be upset that its for Always?  No.  I think really that we, as women, are told that a natural bodily function is shameful and that we are suppose to be able to overcome that.  We are suppose to be embarrassed that we have evolved to the point where that’s what happens to our body.  If anyone is going to change what think then maybe it should be a company that understands the female condition.  Maybe equality will never happen but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work towards it. So thank you Always for trying.

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