Its a Monday Blog 12/15/2014

How cool was Saturday?  it was 12/13/14.  I didn’t do much special but it did make my day pretty cool.  Well, that’s not true I did an interview as apart of my current blog tour that I hope people are following on with on Twitter.  I’m not sure how I feel about the reviews I’m getting.  They aren’t bad reviews but just mostly mixed positive.  They seem to come down to the personal tastes of the reviewer and I suppose that isn’t terribly surprising.   This is an objective business but I just thought my horse was better than it was and as it turns out its not.  I suppose I should accept that the book is a solid B+ and be content with that.  After all, its the first book and it should mean a lot to me tat its out.  After all, its a culmination of getting on the right psychological path which i wasn’t on for some time and its the honesty and strength to try something I thought I would be good at.  I guess when I see the almost middle of the road reviews its like being in school and working so damn hard on something that I thought should have been an A but turned out to be a C at best.  That’s the reason I didn’t try for a long time.  Let’s face its, I’m ashamed of my writing because it reflects on my disability and my own shame when attached to that.  I know I’m smart but I don’t ever see that in my work.  But what it does tell me that despite everything, that maybe I am doing the right thing and its getting better.  If the Freshman work is a three star book then be that way.  Its the first novel.  No one’s first novel is good.  It just gives me room to improve and to move forward.

I hesitate to think that book two is good.  I’ve learned a lot from book one and it seems that I know what I’m doing now and that’s all right.  The narrative seems to be more streamlined and not as slow moving as book one.  However the second I think its better than well its not…such is my karma.  That being said, I’m so close to being done I cannot wait because then we’ll start the cycle anew and hopefully have something by the summer.


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