Its a Monday Blog 12/8/14

I’m starting to really hate the people who are involved in Gamer Gate.  It was starting to be obnoxious when it first came out and it was horrible when they started to go after outspoken women but I somehow accepted that.  I’m a history major and working on a masters in the field.  If I’ve learned anything is that change doesn’t come without some sort of hatred.  The women we hate today who are trying to change the world will be the heroes of tomorrow.  In many ways this sort of hate isn’t any different than what my mother’s generation went through for equal rights.  I’ve been terrified to say anything because of what has been the pattern.  Women criticize and then they get harmed psychologically.  I know I’m pretty fragile emotionally and it has very little to do with my gender.  My problems stem from a chemical imbalance that I have worked very hard to control but am not quite sure it’ll ever happen.  And I have a family to think of.  I have a father who is teetering and more importantly a brother who cannot defend himself.  If nothing I am the protector of my most beloved Jeffery from all the evils in the world that would harm him.  I don’t worry about Hal who has taken his time to understand this movement and cannot figure it out but he has come to the position that I am in.   We have this one person who can’t protect himself that I fear would be hurt.  I share this thought here because its my blog and if anything I’ve been as honest as I feel I can be here with people who read this.  Whether you think these are men who are working on their own or a massive group can we please stop.  Lives have been ruined can we please move on.

I am pleased to announce that we are in the last hundred pages of Summer.  That means I might be able to get this off to a beta reader or two and an editor.  Its surreal for me but that is how it always is and then I’ll be at a loss of what to do for the next couple of weeks.  Of course we’ll be heading into Con Season so…that’s something.

Other than that..I got nothing else.

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