Its a Monday Blog! 10/27/14

Whoo boy! We just did Rising Star which was a ton of fun.  Its a local con in Bluefield, WV and while not one of the biggest we’ve been too it was really one of the better ones.  We met a lot of people, made some new friends and did a little bit of networking which is always a great deal of fun.  I am pretty tired and that comes with the territory and now its time to get back to real life.

I’m working on our schedule for next year which is always fun and a little nerve racking because quite frankly I do everything in house.  I book my own events I do my own promotional work and the like.  Its all very, very tiring and that’s just it. The easy part was writing the damn thing (and that wasn’t very easy).  Hal has suggested to me that i might want to watch the Paul Heyman DvD again since its all about hustling to get his spot in sports entertainment.  I think I became a fan of Paul Heyman when they brought back ECW on WWE.  It wasn’t as good but I could at least appreciate how much hard work one man put into something he loved.  If I could just have half the drive I think I could make a living at this.

Book two which is aptly Summer Sacrifice is working on being done as quickly as possible.  I’m not sure if I like the tone of the book since it’s not as light as the first one.  Of course I’m not the same person I was when I started working on Spring Blessings.  Over the year of writing a lot happened and a theme became loss.  Everyone looses something in this story and maybe its what is helping me get though the bad times.  Hal has suggested some ways of doing that which includes a book trailer campaign.  Sadly, this was the only thing we could think of.

So what’s next for us?  I’m staring a blog tour next month which is pretty cool and the we have a couple of other things lined up mostly for family gatherings and that’s just swell.

So, yea…happy Monday.

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