Monday Blog! 10/20/14

Happy Monday. I suppose.  Its that time where we do and say things on Monday’s to get people interested in what we do.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the book reviews that were done this month.  I’m going to be taking a break from that since I’m starting to get into the meat and potatos of what I do for grad school.  I’m finishing up a masters in history and moving forward on to other things.  Like all projects I have no idea what to do when I’m done with this one so whatever.

Hal and I are very excited because we will be heading to Rising Star this weekend.  I’m on a panel and he’ll be doing what he does.  We heard an announcement for it last week on the radio and that made us both pretty excited.  I do well at Cons even if I don’t tihnk we do and we’re also starting on our plans for 2015.  I’ll be working on a blog tour next month which was a lot of fun last time and we’re working with people who are very excited about Spring Blessings.

We’ll also be heading to Ravencon which is the weekend of my birthday.  It means more to me now that it has in the past.  One of the guests who will be there is Brianna Wu.  For those of you who don’t know Ms. Wu is the head of SpaceKat studios which is developing indie games and is headed by female developers.  As of late she’d made some comments about Gamergate.  I’m sure you’re sick of it like I am but Brianna Wu has been threatened to be murdered by these people and instead of backing down she’s chosen to fight back.  There is much that bothers me about all of this. I don’t doubt that game journalism needs to be looked at.  In fact, the triple A companies paying for their good reviews and the fact that many magazines have such a bias slant that makes their articles read like it is something out of the Sears Catalog is shady.  Most reviews are with big companies.  This doesn’t mean its the fault of little indie developers to do so.  The fact that Ms. Wu has shone a backbone in all of this and said she’s not backing down is pretty moving for me.  I know its hard to be a nerd.  Its worse being a girl nerd.  Nerd Guys don’t like you because your fake.  Regular guys think your a buddy and girls are cruel.  You may have gotten beaten up for your Pokemon cards and your D and D books but you weren’t the one who they tried to set up on fake dates with guys who were out of your league and would make fun of you if you tried to talk to them about this.

Carrie was a very real reality for me except I didn’t have psychokinetic powers.

What I’m saying is that we all need to calm the fuck down and move on.  I’m pretty excited to be at a Con with Brianna Wu and hope by then all this will ease off.

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