Wednesday Reviews!: Timna to Mars: Searching for Rare Earth Metals

Timna to Mars


Avraham Anouch

Amazon Publishing Services

Released: June 19, 2014

When you say international thrillers one does not immediately think of setting the start of it as a find at an archaeological dig site as the start of a thriller but that is where we open at this book that proposes a scientific thriller.  The scene starts on the findings done by the central characters second wife of rare metals that could not only benefit the nation of Israel but the world at large.  This introduces us to our central character Avner Amram.  Amram is a scientist who along with associates spread around both Israel and the United States are preparing to launch a mission into space to search for a rare earth metals that are vital for the powering of modern day electronics.

Anouch creates a slow build up to the action that is central to his work allowing us to look into the interaction of men who move behind the curtain of much of international policy to give us a back drop of what sort of people who move in this world.  The interactions of the cloak and dagger world between the CIA, KGB and Mossad read less like something brought together from the minds of Ian Flemming and Robert Ludlum and seem like a more accurate potrayal of the spy game.  While there are scenes of what one would expect to see in a political thriller there is a level of verisimilitude that makes one feel welcomed to continue to read.

Anouch does an excellent job of making the reader feel comfortable and not intimidated by the material.  He keeps the narrative understandable.

The choice of time frame is also an added layer of interest.  While parts of the book feel like speculative fiction, the time frame is set during the 1980s.  For some the crisis of the Bush I era America and the world might be a distant memory if history, it does become hard to remember that at one time that the world staggered near another financial collapsed based on the supply and demand of a market.  The lessons brought up in this novel are as true today as they have ever been.  Anouch uses a backdrop of this work to create an intriguing question of a problem that not many of us consider and a proposal to solve a problem before it becomes a problem.

There are weaknesses in the narrative but they are easily overshadowed by the informative and interesting ride that takes us to Mars and back.


Avraham Anouchi is an author, engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur. He grew up in Israel dreaming of studying engineering at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. He earned his engineering degrees in the United States, but left his heart in Haifa. He is a former Vice President in United Technologies Corporation. He is now the president and founder of a high technology engineering company.

This book review was commissioned by Elite Book Promotions


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