Monday Blog: 10/13/14

Happy Columbus Day.  Isn’t it hos odd that the world has changed in 20 years.  When I was a child, we used to talk about how great it was that Christopher Columbus found North America instead of finding India.  In fact, the first time I was on stage I was playing Columbus in a school play when I was in sixth grade.  The Drama teacher at the middle school thought I was pretty brilliant and had no problem with my ad libbing.  I’m still a good actor when I do things like telemarketing.  I am less inclinded to do so.  Over the years I’ve developed a nervous stutter that comes up when I divert from a script and the whole thing is very traumatic for me.  However we now look at this day as something black and horrible.  I don’t dispute that there is something about Columbus Day that celebrates white imperialism which I’ve learned over the years has ruined the world.  I think its great that Seattle is celebrating Native American Heritage Day to day and that Canadian Thanksgiving is very close to this day.  I think that if we can turn something black into something good then that’s half of the battle.  Besides I know that I have friends who need the federal holiday for a break.  I don’t have one.  I don’t have to go into the office today but I am off to class tonight.  What I will probably do is enjoy my favorite Flip Wilson bit.  I didn’t realize how revolutionary he was when I heard it for the first time (i was a mere child) but it was rather important.

We are coming up on the Feast Day of St. Luke.  For those of you who have read my blog know that this is a day that means a lot to me.  I finished the second draft of Book one on that day.  There is a lot of concern that I had about even presuing the book for self publishing until I walked into a church which was that of St. Luke’s.  After that its been a hell of a ride so far.  As of now I have the first and second drafts done and I’m working on getting the typed up.  Once that happens I can go through it and polish it up.  Things are moving along pretty well with the second book.  Its a different world than this time last year.

I know I write pretty often about my mother but I have felt a sense of peace while working on this book and almost accepting the death of my mother.  I still miss her and I don’t think that there is ever a time that I won’t and the reality of life is starting to come back to me.  My mother was in this world for 66 years and in that time she did a great many things and now she isn’t.  I still dream about her occasionally and the dreams are always pleasant when she’s in them.  Part of it is that my father commissioned a cross to be put up for her.  I don’t have a grave to go to visit since it was her desire to be cremated and she sits on a box on her roll top desk with a stuffed Pinkie Pie so maybe its now that it feels like she’s at rest.  Dealing with grief is a subplot in book two.  I’m not happy with the fact that the tone has drastically changed from the first book but it does feel like its a better book.  I tell Hal that I’m constantly happy with the rewrites I’ve done on a couple of characters.  They are starting to feel real as oppose to some sort of two dimensional cut out.

What are we hoping?  That I can get a promotional booklet for book two by the start of World Con-Quest.


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