Monday Blog! October 6, 2014

Better late than never.  I’m having a hard time keeping up with this but I think part of that is I’m starting to feel really tired.  I drag through October and I’m a little tired right now but I’ll get through it.  The weather changes and if messes with my body.  I’m not feeling great right now but I’ll manage.

Part of it is I’m run down which happens after I finish something big and I did finish the rough draft of the second book over the weekend.  I’m not happy with much of it but I’ll work on it because its one thing at a time.  Still this means that the second book is done and we’ll be working on getting it ready to be cleaned up sent to our editor (assuming she’ll edit) and artist (same thing.) and hopefully have it ready before we hit GeekOut this year.  It’s going to be an easier sell because we know what we’re doing and also its an easier conversation.

Buyer: What’s it about?

Me: Vampires.

Buyer: Do they sparkle.

Me: No.

Buyer: I’ll buy ten!

What it does leave me with is a lot of free time.  I picked up a DS and started playing some new games and some classic.  So far I’ve dug on Zelda which is a favorite of mine.  I have some fond memories of being with my favorite person and there being Zelda played.  It was nothing I’d ever seen.  My cousins had an NES as well as my friends but none of them had Zelda but yes I have those as well as few others.  I really rather like Phoenix Wright which is odd since I’ve worked for a lawyer for almost three years.  This is much more fun.  I also have been playing pokemon.  There is a lot that bothers me about that universe but I”m sure things’ll kick back in gear.

Now who wants to play smash brothers with me?

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