Its a Monday Blog! 9/29/14

I’m starting to really hate the weather we’ve been having for quite some time now.  It’s starting to be fall and weirdly fall looks exactly like Summer did with all the rain.  But the trees are starting to turn and I just hate the fall more and more.

I meant to say something about it sooner but one of my favorite bands has gone through an odd change.  When I was still in High School my mother and I sat down and watched a PBS special with Enter the Haggis.  The name alone got us interested but we loved them better than the Black 47.  I still like the Black 47 but ETH was the kind of Celtic Punk that my mother could get behind.  Since then I’ve seen them at least three times live once with my mother.  At one of the events I had a post card signed by all the members.  Last night as I sat in the den I noticed that she still had it framed and up on a wall.  They’ve now changed their name to the Jubilee Riots and as far as I can tell they’re style is still the same which if fine.  I will miss not hearing the songs that I knew as a child but still happy that they are still around.    I will miss Enter the Haggis and look forward to the Jubilee Riots.

For those of who know me, I hate the fall.  This is due to the fact that I haven’t had a good fall in a long time but its nice to know that its starting to move into October and somehow I will have to cope.  I would, however, like a week where something tragic doesn’t happen.  This week its my grandmother who is quite old.  We’ll figure out whats going on if we can but I make no promises on that.  Things happen seasons change.

The book is coming along quite nicely.  I’ve gotten about halfway through codexing the book.  I’m hoping to at least be done writing it soon.  And then on to bigger better things.  I’ve been trying to figure out where to go next.  I would like to take a break from Gaiman Heights because its tiring and honestly I don’t know what to do with book three.  I’ve had a couple of ideas one of which being the history of professional wrestling.  I know how to write a scholarly work and its something I love.  Maybe I’ll dip into Sci-Fi.  Who knows.  First things first…vampires.

Also for the record.  My favorite song by Enter the Haggis is below.  I just can’t find a copy of it.  Anyone knows where I can get it please tell me.  Admittedly Hal’s Ring tone is Down with the Ship.

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