Its a Monday Blog! 9/22/14

Its been far too long since I’ve posted a blog update but things have gotten pretty crazy as of late.  As you might be aware, I’m a graduate student and finally got back into doing grad school work which means that I’m not remotely around as much as I have been.  I’ve been working fairly hard on a couple of projects for my masters and have been stupid busy.  So I haven’t quite figured out the rhythm just yet.  On top of that we had to go out of town for personal reasons.  Since it does involve Hal’s family I don’t feel terribly inclined to share any of that news here.  When it he feels like it I will let him do so and I’ll react accordingly.  I’m nothing but very concerned about my personal privacy and those of my family members.  I might have occasionally screwed this up in the past and there is nothing I can say to make up for that.  Sorry doesn’t ever change past transgressions and my inability to realize what I have done doesn’t come until far to late so I am left with is guilt.  Still here we are  on Monday.

Last night was Night of Champions for the WWE as those of you might know I do quite a bit of writing during PPVs as well as live tweet until I get bored.  It’s sort of of a thing that we do in our house.  Some people watch reality tv or awards shows we watch Sports Entertainment.  This means that I’ve hit act two and that’s pretty much an achievement in its own right.  This one is starting to be a longer and more drawn out book project that I want it to be.

We’ve also started looking to build our schedule for 2015.  So far we only have one semi confirmed apperance.  I doubt we’ll be approved for Mysticon or ConCarolinas but we’re new and still working it out.  So eventually we might.

Keep reaching for those stars.

We’ll be doing a series of a reviews in October which is also fun.  I’ve got two ready and just need to find two more.  So anyone is interested give me a yell.

Oh….congrats to Kim Thompson.  Kim is pretty amazing in her own right.

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