Monday Blog: Ug

As it turns out, after last week being very busy I now have a cold.  This happens about the same time every year and is no longer a surprise for me.  I had a cold this time last year.  There is something very stressful to me about the first week of this month and then I can move past it.  I’m not looking forward to the fall because that means I have to cope with the loss of my mother all over again but it was about this time last year when she was starting to get better and then….worse.  I seem to lose people I truly love in the fall.  Both my grandparents died during this time and of course my mother.  Its also when I finish rough drafts and the target date is always October 16 which is the feast day for St. Luke.  He’s become my patron saint and I hold my faith in him to guide me on the right path.

Hal has been writing again himself which is pretty exciting.  He’s working on a podcast which he’s starting with a rant about Gamergate.  The more I learn about this nonsense the more it makes me sick.  He’s jokingly called me during this period of time a third wave femenist and a social justice warrior which are true and some how that makes me sick that those are being used as insults.  I consider myself a feminist because I was raised by feminists.  I didn’t  really appreciate that until last year when I took a course on the 1960s.  I wasn’t aware of how hard my mother’s generation had it before me and now know that we need to strive for equality.  When did equality become a dirty word?  That bothers me.  What sickens me is that there was a willful use of tactics to not only harrass a woman who made a game that was suposse to help people understand what its like to live in depression (as well as others.  Women game journalists have been plauged with nonsense.  Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkessian are just the two most obvious cases) to be threatened with death because people are afraid to give up control.  With White Americans becoming a steady decline I guess the fear is if we don’t put them down now then they might do the things we did to them when we ran the world.  I’m not a fan of Quinn’s work and I’ve tried to watch the Tropes vrs Women videos.  Sarkeesian makes some very good points about the tropes in media and video games.  Its pretty funny to me that women are credited with creating modern Science Fiction and its no longer written for women and god forbid that we be apart of it.  Of course what I think needs to be noted is the other side of that argument.  Sure Laura Croft is over sexualized in the original Tomb Raider series but what of the new one?  Where she is built to be like Katniss Everdeen and about as smart.  Or perhaps Zelda who might be repeatedly kidnapped by Gannon is the embodiment of a goddess.  She’s an all powerful being.  I think that you can’t present part of an agrument and not offer what should be changed or not praise what is there.  Pointing out problems is half the battle.  I don’t know what the answer is to fixing GamerGate so it never happens again is but I hope it involves an intelligent conversation about religion, gender and things we all love.

So the book is going as slowly as ever.  With September means I”m back in school and editing/writing is going to stop for a little bit but this isn’t nearly as slow as Spring Blessings but hey that’s fine.  We also started looking at cons to go to for the 2015 year.  So far we’ve booked ourselves at RavenCon in Richmond which looks fun.  Also I’m told there’s a Dave and Busters in Richmond which we’ll go to for my birthday which is also that weekend.

So yea…plugging along.

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