Gaiman Heights artifacts



1. Ward of the Crone

made here with black to ward off evil spirits.  Ward of the Crone is made in a line of green silk thread to represent the healing powers of the earth but can also be in white or other colors for protection.  Each charm is made from silver was a ward from evil spirits.  The keys hold a triqurta to represent all the aspects of the earth goddess Mother, Maiden and Crone.  In the center is the tree of life which reminds us all that we are connected and protected by our One True Mother.  Worn by maiden witches as they come into their own to protect from wicked influences on their Craft.   It is to be worn on the dominate hand that is used during Craft work.


2. Ward of the Paladin

Contains blessed crosses made of silver  The ward of the Paladin is worn by holy men and women who fight evil.  Often given as a gift between hunters and their children, the crosses are made of silver to protect from evil forces. The center medal is St. Benedict who protects one during exorcism Made typically in the colors of associated with the patron saint that the Clan prays to for strength.  This one is made in gold blue and white the colors of the Blessed Virgin.  Warn on the left wrist or shield arm as added protection.

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