And so its Monday

And I’m already sick of the rain.  I mean seriously it’s raining again and that seems to be the theme of the weeks in August.  I used to be fond of it when I was in high school.  Rainy days meant there was no marching with instruments and that it was sort of a break from everything.  Thunder and Lightening meant that I didn’t have to march outside which was also exciting.  August always fills me with the memories of band camp and I used to have stress dreams about it.  It’s been ten years since I picked up a flute and I don’t even think I’m over it at all.  I’m somehow surprised it hasn’t made it into the book but then again what’s the point.  I need to leave a copy at the band room for my former director.  I know somewhere there is still a letter that I wrote to get my Letter in marching band.  It was apparently read every year by some people who thought it was hilarious.  I figured out early on when I was writing that I was too sarcastic to ever be taken seriously which is sort of heart breaking for me.  I’ve always wanted to write serious stuff but never was able to do so.  Of course that was before I even tried to work on things easily and before I figured out that you can be funny and serious both at the same time which is pretty good for me.  I want to say that I learned it from classic story tellers but I didn’t.  I learned it from Red vrs Blue.  If you aren’t aware of it, is a machinma based web series set in the Halo universe about two factions which are Red and Blue.  While it started as a series of one liners is became so much more and there is a deep running amazing story.  I haven’t watched it in a long time but I found out you could be funny and still tell a serious story.  If I’d known this sooner I wouldn’t feel like David De Le Rocca’s character in the Boondock Saints.

Speaking of Irish psychopaths book two is in the last four chapters.  I’m pretty excited to be finishing up the rough draft which means its the task of putting it in a codex for editing and then off to the editor (if she’ll still have me) and the artist who will more than likely still have me (if she’s not too busy with her puppy).  Then we start the dance all over again but a little bit smarter.  I hate that I had to test with the first book but hey its not been all bad and Book Two I think will sell better because I can answer the question pretty quickly.

Buyer: What’s it about?

Me: Vampires.

Buyer: I’ll do anything you say!

That’s how it goes in my head.  Besides Vampires are way more sell-able than wizards these days which is really sad to me.  I love Dresden and that is probably the best urban fantasy novel I’ve ever read and he’s a wizard.  Still one can hope.

We have also started a blog tour which means there have been people reading the book and doing things for it.  Tune in on the 20th when I do a guest post which I’ll totally be reblogging here.  Yea, I’m excited.

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