Monday Blog! About Gaiman Heights

Wow this is like the forth blog post in two weeks.  This is really rather good for me so who knew that things were going so well.  Still, this is something I want to commit myself to do since I feel compelled to do.  After all I write and if I write I should blog.

Last week was a little bit quieter than most.  We came off our return from the beach and I was pretty tired but that happens from time to time.  I did spend time starting to do more organizing for book two which is really the focus of my energy and I started writing again.  This is sort of a problem for me when it comes to the books. I can go through times where I don’t work on the book.  However it will always coming back to the work that i’ve done before.  This one is harder to write for me than it was with the first one.  Spring Blessings seemed to take on a story of its own.  When I started writing it again after a couple of years of not working on it I was not in a good place mentally.  I started Asher’s story at a time when I was working a job that I didn’t like for not enough money and honestly felt that my life was going to end badly.  I know that Asher’s story was going to end darker than it did because quite frankly I wasn’t quite sure I was going to end up in a good place or not at the end of things.  Of course many things changed from then to end of the process.  Things did implode and we moved back to Virginia.  Life seemed to be better so I did want that story to end a little more positively than it was slated to do so.  Book One was written completely and was in the editing process while I was seeking treatment for my mental illness and when my mother was battling cancer.  I regret that she didn’t see the finished product.

Book Two was started during the process of my mother dying.  As such she seems to have her finger prints over that book more so than book one.  I wrote a conversation in book one between Asher and his mother which was like every conversation that I had ever had with my mother about building confidence.  She was good at supporting people when they needed to hear it and she was good at using the right words.  However book two is so heavily influenced it kills me.  Part of the book is set in East Tennessee which is where my mother grew up and I have many of my fondest memories of childhood there since that’s where her family is.  Yesterday, I started a chapter that I almost can’t make it through.  I posted on Facebook that I wanted to put mom in the book to tell the world how awesome she was.  And partially I did.  But the more I work on that chapter the more I realize its about my father’s grief for losing my mother.  I may have to use the character a little more in book three.  It only seems fair but I’m not sure.  Part of me hates that this seems to be my theme but I suppose its fair.  Losing a parent is traumatic.  My mother was one of my biggest supporters and really kept things going and now she is gone.  I’m not sure if I can make it but of course I need to keep going…right.

Who knew writing a story about vampires would get so personal.

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