In Regards: Nostalgia

Reticently, The husband and I have been revisiting some of our favorite things.  Between Transformers 4 and the reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we are getting smacked in the face with the whole wave of nostalgia much to our chagrin.  We’ve been working through this.  Its giving me time to reflect on my own childhood favorites.  While I’ve enjoyed Gen One Transformers I’ve wanted to see some of my old stuff.  One of these has been Danger Mouse which I remember fondly because my mother used to impersonation in the house or when was a small child while playing in the pool.  I’ve not been able to work through the Thames show because I still feel a little, well, weak.  My mother died in November and while I’ve gotten through it without much pain I’m still hurting.  This is why I’ve started working through this quietly.  I’ve gone through music which is painful but some of my favorite moments.  I had forgotten that at one time I made a mix CD of music that my mom would play for me when i was younger until I started writing this.  I don’t know if I’ll re-visit that mix because my life is becoming far too much like Sonya Cross from The Bridge.  I ride around in my mother’s car listening to my mother’s music occasionally wearing a piece of mother’s jewelry.  It seems a little odd to me but don’t get my wrong.  I love the character of Sonya and I have a ton to say but not right now.  Today we’re going to talk about nostalgia which is something I’ve been thinking really hard about because of this:


I’m not a fan of the book but quite frankly I’m willing to learn because of the interactions between Rocket and Groot remind me of another pair that makes me super happy.


I LOVED the Land Before Time as a child.  Largely because what three-year-old doesn’t think dinosaurs are awesome.  The more I think about it.  I like Ducky and Spike for the same reason as I love Groot and Rocket.  The notion of a nonverbal silent character and a small talkative character who takes care of them means I identify a little too much.  But something else occurs to me.  I would never want to see a reboot of this movie.  I know there are countless sequels that are on dvd but I don’t care.  I don’t want to see them.  It occurred to me that there is a problem with our movie entertainment and it bothers me.  I know I’m apart of the problem and so are you.

I hated Days of Future Past when it came out because it wasn’t what I remembered it being.  I am in love with with the work of done by Chris Clairmont in the 80s and 90s because that’s the X-men I remember and a deviation from that does nothing for me.  And that’s the problem.  The people who came into power.  Let’s face it boys and girls those of us who came up in the 80s and 90s are now the ones with buying power and we are in love with our childhoods.  This is a problem.  One of the things we are doing is not only seeing movies we want to see we want a younger generation to share in what we felt at their age.  That’s the thing about being adults eventually we have kids and we want them to have the same experience by seeing what we did as children.  This leads us to problems.

1) We are starting to create a stagnation in creative art.  The reason there is a Transformers four and a whole host of properties that we enjoyed is because we are that kind of people we are.  We are caught between the hard core fans who don’t want anything to change and the fans that want a new experience and people who will just go see it because it is X.  What ends up happening most of the time is that we end up with a thing that isn’t interesting but it is the same soft unoffensive movie that we always end up with.  I think the only reboot that has been better than the original (and stop me if you think of better) is My Little Pony which is hilarious. 

 2) It now leads to something else.  When I started moving into fandoms I felt the anger of people who started welcoming into a young nerd into things.  I get it.  This is your thing and as people who clung to something to keep us afloat during the darkness in our lives but it seems just down right mean to not share.  Guess what, movies and reboots aren’t made for you anyway.  They are being made for people who have a vague passing to bring their children.  Because that’s whose going to make money.  You nerds are going to go and then talk loudly about how this was wrong while you smoke your Black and Milds in the parking lot.  I know who you are and I dislike you.  You make it hard to be a fan of anything.  It goes without saying that one of the problems of nerds is we’re terrible to other nerds.  It was something that Todd and I ran across at a con that we attended as vendors.  It doesn’t kill you to be nice to people who want to know about your fandom or what your doing.  These become polarizing.

So what do we do?  For starters, we can rise above bad story telling.  It isn’t Michael Bay’s fault that he’s destroying your childhood.  He isn’t ruining your childhood…no one can.  What he is doing is turning out movies for the least common denominator and we are all spending money to see them.  Yes, I will be seeing TMNT.  I’m not looking forward to it but I will see it anyway.  If we as a society refused to see bad movies they’ll start making better movies.  If we keep letting Disney do what they are doing eventually everyone else will catch up.  We could demand better movies for our children.  Sure there is nothing wrong with sharing your childhood with your children but I’m hoping that I can do that with things like story books and reliving childhood dreams and not by forcing Jem and the Holograms down his or her throat.  And if that’s the case, fine.  Let’s all just hope for a spin on something old that is new and different.  The reason people liked Harry Potter was not because it told an old story but it told an old story with a new feel.  We owe ourselves that to ourselves and everyone else.

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