Blogger Monday

And we’re back from our week at the beach which is something that always makes me feel just a little guilty.  I don’t really feel like I do much in my regular life so a vacation always seems a little disingenuous because, lets face it, what have I don’t to earn a vacation.  I suppose it gives me a chance to be lazy somewhere else for a chance.  I literally did zero work on my holiday.  Nothing on the book or even on the other work that I do.  I just know that I’m very tired from not doing anytihng at all.

Hence the blog.

I’ve had the tumblr in the past and its time to sort of move on.  Tumblr is great but does seem to be moving into the unusual world of 4chan and that’s just a little uncomfortable for me.  Sadly, my book has nothing to do with Sherlock or Doctor Who or My Little Pony so its hard for me to want to do anything on Tumblr.

Before we went on vacation we went to Wyvacon which was a ton of fun.  It seems almost childish to like going to SciFi conventions but there is something just wonderful about them.  I started attending cons when i was in high school.  I’d become a fan of scifi and comics when I was in Elementary school.  I’d fallen into this largely because it seemed like the branch from the things that I was reading at the time to something new.  Then when the youth director at Trinity had started taking us, it was done.  I’m a huge fan of cons and so it was sort of like coming home.  Our sales weren’t great but at the very least it was a starting point.  I get so frustrated with the book because things aren’t happening fast enough for me.  Its like I was struggling so hard to get somewhere and I just don’t ever feel like I’m getting there.  I know I can’t wait for someone to find me.  I have to be out there and shove this work down people’s throats.  I have to simply because that’s what’s got to happen.  However we learned a lot from everyone we were on panel with so that’s what we’re going to do.

We’ll be starting a Blog tour next week.  For those of you who don’t know.  The notion of doing Independent work like this means you have to do our own promotion but there are touring companies that act like publicists.  We’ll be starting on next week for Spring Blessings.  I’m hoping it does well enough that we can keep doing it for two or three months.  We are going to start kicking our work into over drive on all of this.  Despite all the feelings of doubt we’ve got to make it happen.

I’m still working on the second book.  It’s taking longer because I’m taking longer breaks.  But we’re getting very close to the end of the rough draft and that’s always good.

Despite our laziness we did accomplish some things while on vacation.  For example the setting up of said blog tour.  Also! we did see Guardians of the Galaxy.  As a fan of Marvel i was super excited about this one.  Its a cast I didn’t know and a book I wasn’t familiar with but I simply love it.  James Gun did an amazing job pulling together a very silly but very good movie.  I realize I may identify with Rocket and Groot more than anyone should let me.  Hal pointed out I spend a lot of time with a nonverbal gentle quiet creature and I might be a short anger filled ball of fuzz.  Still if you haven’t seen it see it if for no other reason than dancing Groot.

Other than that I’m promising myself to post more often especially since its just good for everyone.  So here it goes.

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