Update 7/29/14

We normally we post this on Tumblr but quite frankly that seems to be a little less imortant than to use of Tumblr.  We’ll probably still work using that but still we’ll work from there.  So what does one want to talk about we’ll this’ll be where we do what we do which is typically what we do.


We went from Wyvacon which was a ton of fun.  We always have fun at cons.  I like talking to people and Todd enjoys running around and being apart of everything.  We did a panel which was small but that’s all right.  It was our first one and we’ll we know what to do the next time.  We also played nice with the people at Mysticon.  We are hoping that we can get a spot at Mysticon which would be fantastic for us.  I keep forgetting how much I love doing conventions and we’re looking at a couple of festivals in September that we might consider.  They’re local and that’s just awesome.  We do know that we’ll be at Rising Star which is pretty exciting.  We’re talking about this being our indie circuit days.  If you haven’t figured it out, we’re both big fans of professional wrestling and this meant that we are loking at our respetvie careers as sort of our Indie days.  We’re done with working in our “Backyard” days.  Its time to move forward.  Todd’ll be getting the podcast from Wyvacon together and so on.

I will be moving my essays over from Tumblr in a few short days because lets not overwhelm everyone.

As for production on book two.  Still working on it.

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